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Sacred seed is a store front seed bank in the heart of Toronto at Yonge and Wellesley that knows a thing or two about gardening. It’s a growers paradise. They have several breeders and as I write this I’m growing a couple now I just got there with my brother. We just a took a trip to visit them in person so this review is as fresh as it gets!

Have you ever been to a Lee Valley? That’s probably best way to explain what Sacred Seed is like. It’s fancy. You first notice the wood. There’s wood everywhere. The shelves, displays, counters, etc. Definitely the best compliment to the business because the entire place smells like a woodland forest. All of the gardening tools and products are there. Want to drop a little bit more on a turn-key full tent solution and do 4 plants at once in your Toronto condo bathroom? You can do that too. All of the seeds are protected in wood cabinets. They can help you pick the perfect pot if you’re not sure what to get. They have ipads on the counter with easy to navigate pictures so you know what you’re getting in to.

The customer service was awesome. We gave them the perfect test because this was the first time we’ve grown with more than a seed in the background from a bag of shake. We basically had no idea what we needed, but we know how to garden. Apparently, that’s all it is. You don’t have to worry about getting a female because the seeds are engineered to be female. Get one of those soil puck things, toss the seed in, wait for it to germinate, toss the soil puck in another pot, watch it grow. It wouldn’t hurt to pickup a pH tester and some chemicals to balance it. That’s the best description if you’re not serious about this and just want a house plant that will give you something to smoke. The folks at Sacred Seed will help you out with any serious questions. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in or visiting Toronto.

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Sacred Seed
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by Anonymous on Sacred Seed

Purple #1 was my choice and it grew like a champ. I'm no pro and for my small condo space it worked great. The store front was nice and gentleman helped me get exactly what I needed. AAAA+

by Anonymous on Sacred Seed

This was my first time trying to grow and I had didn't know too much beyond how to plant veggies. They set me up with everything I needed and I've got a pack of seeds ready to try. Thanks for making my first cannabis growing experience a good one!

by Anonymous on Sacred Seed

Everything you need in once place. I've been there a few times for some last minute stuff. Good times. Thanks again.