The practice of using targeted LED light for healthier plant growth began about 140 years ago. In the middle of the 19th century, pioneers in botanical science made some the earliest strides in developing technologies that could stimulate photosynthesis with electromagnetic waves.

Before they had the ability to foster healthier plant growth through artificial light sources, those who wished to grow plants simply had to rely on the weather, smart placement, and their intuition. Thanks to the introduction of LED grow lights, passionate gardeners can create perfect plant growth even in places without natural light.

LED grow lights have evolved since their invention 14 decades ago.  Some of the oldest grow lights used carbon rods in a manner comparable to early 19th-century streetlights. Some were similar to incandescent filament lamps, and others functioned through mercury vapor discharge.

The modern grow lights now show a level of technological sophistication that was once entirely inconceivable. A top-shelf modern grow light is not just a crude light emission device, but a powerful plant cell division catalyst with the potential to surpass even the natural lighting conditions that plants usually have in the wilderness.

With so many options among the LED grow lights available on the market, you will certainly want to take your time exercising careful judgment when comparing all of the different options for your marijuana growth goals. Not all grow lights are equal. While you can acquire top-of-the-line models for a pretty good deal from the right manufacturers, there are also terribly shoddy models that can seriously hurt your wallet.

To spare you the frustrating experience of having to return a poorly performing LED grow light in almost as little time as the rushed process it took to manufacture it, get a feel for what the most positively reviewed grow lights tend to have in common. For their consistent dependability, longevity, convenience and overall quality, the following are some of the best LED grow lights you can find for growing marijuana.

ColoFocus 600W LED Grow Light Kit

ColoFocus 600W LED Grow Lights

The ColoFocus LED grow light kit, made for full-spectrum UV&IR lighting, is available in 600W, 1000W and 1200W. This model was designed for smooth and safe heat dissipation, to prevent overheating.

Thanks to the time that ColoFocus invested into developing the 3.0mm LED board, the model can operate with an internal thermal cycle that is 10 to 15°C lower than its previous versions. While grow light models with ineffective heat dissipation are prone to breaking down unexpectedly, the ColoFocus kit’s highly efficient heat dissipation increases its value by giving it a longer lifespan.

This kit can be made to shine on your plants at any elevation between 8 inches and 79 inches. The ColoFocus kit produces a generous spotlight radius of 7.6 meters at its highest elevation and a focused spotlight range of 0.5 meters at its lowest elevation.

Garden Nova LED Grow Light Bulb

LED Grow Light Buld

The industry recognizes Garden Nova’s grow light bulb as one of the most reliable hydroponics solutions. Like other models in its class, the Garden Nova LED grow light bulb is designed for superior heat dissipation to optimize its lifespan. If maintained correctly, this grow light bulb can collectively provide over 50,000 hours of lighting for your gardening endeavors.

One of the top selling points of Garden Nova’s grow light bulb is its energy efficiency. The model provides well-focused, healthy light nourishment to your plants without putting the same hefty load on your electricity bill as would models with the same light output but far less efficiency.

The convenience of Garden Nova’s grow light is made even better with its easy plug-and-play design. All that you have to do to activate the light is screw it into either an E26 or E27 fixture, making it both a worthy product for plant growing experts and a suitable choice for beginners as well.

PryEU LED Grow Light


PryEU manufactured this 12W LED plant growing light to be a reliable, easily installable addition to any indoor greenhouses with E26 and E27 fixtures. This model operates with nine red LEDs and three blue LEDs, coming out to a total of twelve diodes in each light. The blue LED lights have a wavelength of 460 nanometers while the red LED lights have a wavelength of 630 nanometers. PryEU specially designed the wavelength specifications of this grow light’s red and blue LEDs for a superior rate of absorption into your plants.

This model’s aerospace-grade aluminum alloy efficiently conducts heat for safe, passive dissipation. While the PryEU LED grow light was designed to operate with an economically low rate of energy consumption, its longevity is generous enough remain operational for even longer than 24 uninterrupted hours.

Galaxyhydro LED Grow Light

galaxyhydro LED grow lights

Like the Colofocus kit, this grow light was made by Galaxyhydro to provide a full spectrum of UV&IR lighting; rather than the Colofocus kits’ 600W design, however, this Galaxyhyrdro design operates at 300W. The IR light function of this model was specially designed to stimulate cell division while the UV light acts as a disinfectant.

The Galaxyhydro grow light features authentic 3w led chips to foster superior photon penetration with a higher lumen count. The model’s separate power supply both optimizes the grow light’s lifetime while making it safer to use as well.

Making the Final Choice

choose smart

When you’re weighing your options among different grow light, think of the lifespan, heat dissipation capabilities, adjustability level and energy efficiency you’d like your model to have.

Depending on the user’s experience, an E27/E26-compatible grow light made for easy setup might be a smarter choice than more complex models. Whatever your marijuana growing plans might be, the grow lights above are all excellent examples of the standard that you should hold all models to when considering a purchase.

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